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Learning Styles

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  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Reading and Writing
      Includes listening skills, study skills and related resources.

  1. Anticipation - Reaction Guide to Enhance Learning (NCREL)
      "An Anticipation/Reaction Guide is used to assess a class's knowledge before they begin a lesson."

  2. Constructivism (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      "As a philosophy of learning, constructivism can be traced at least to the eighteenth century and the work of the Neapolitan philosopher Giambattista Vico, who held that humans can only clearly understand what they have themselves constructed. Many others worked with these ideas, but the first major contemporaries to develop a clear idea of constructivism as applied to classrooms and childhood development were Jean Piaget and John Dewey." 7-04

  3. Cooperative Learning (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Provides papers on cooperative learning, including a lesson example." 7-04

  4. Cooperative Learning - Benefits (NCREL)
  5. Cooperative Learning and Telecommuniations (Mining Co. - Walker)
      Provides 15 annotated articles on application of cooperative learning to telecommunications.

  6. Design in the Classroom (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Provides suggestions on designing classes. 7-04

  7. Engaged Learning - Indicators (NCREL)
  8. Graphic Organizers (NCREL)
      Provides the Spider Map, Series of Events Chain, Compare and Contrast Matrix, Fishbone Map, Human Interaction Outline, Network Tree, Problem-Solution Outline and other graphic organizers to enhance multiple methods of learning.

  9. Graphic Organizers - A Class Example (NCREL)
      DuSable High School students demonstrate how they used two graphic organizers.

  10. Heterogeneous Grouping to Enhance Learning (NCREL)
  11. Improving Instruction (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Provides papers on some key issues, such as constructivism, cooperative learning, science as inquiry, and more. 04-10

  12. K-L-W-H Technique to Enhance Learning (NCREL)
      K-L-W-H technique helps the student to utilize prior knowledge in the learning process.

  13. Learning Style Inventory (Center for New Discoveries in Learning)
  14. Learning Style Inventory (Johnston and Orwig)
  15. Learning Styles Handbook (Petreuer)
      Presents key topics and is the source for several of the other articles in this section. 10-09

  16. Learning Theory and Domains of Learning (Kearsley)
      Presents 50 theories of learning.

  17. Models of Learning Styles (Clark)
      Provides various models of learning styles, including VAK, Kolb,'s Learning Style Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, and more. 4-03

  18. Multiple Intelligences - Resources (Winters)
      Provides references in the study of multiple intelligences.

  19. Music Training May Increase Memory in Children (CBS News)
      "Researchers have found that not only did the brains of young, musically trained children respond differently to hearing music, but musical training also appeared to improve the children's memories over the course of a year." 09-06

  20. Research on the Brain and Learning (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Provides papers on research on the brain to help inform instruction. 7-04

  21. Ways We Learn (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Suggests, by grade level, what children should learn about learning. 7-04


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