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  1. -Editorial: Cheney Was Not a Victim of Bad Information (CBS News - The Nation)
      "Last week, Cheney blasted critics who claim Bush misled the nation into war, calling these accusations the most 'dishonest' and 'reprehensible' statements he's ever encountered in Washington."

      "Prior to the invasion, Bush, Cheney and other administration officials did make many statements that were not backed up by the available intelligence. Were these merely careless mistakes? Why not call for a quick conclusion to the Phase II investigation of the Senate intelligence committee and see what the evidence indicates?"

      "How does he explain that administration officials cited evidence that was in dispute such as Iraq's infamous acquisition of aluminum tubes that Bush officials said could only be used for a nuclear weapons program and claimed it was rock solid? Is it not a distortion to repeatedly cite an intelligence report that has been discredited by the CIA and the FBI?" 11-05

  2. -Editorial: Cheney Was Not a Victim of Bad Information (
      "Dick Cheney calls it 'dishonest,' 'reprehensible' and 'not legitimate' to claim that the administration misled the public about prewar intelligence."

      "Many of the White House's most serious misrepresentations involve the case that Saddam was trying to build nuclear weapons, which he had in fact stopped trying to do in 1991. "We now know that Saddam has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons," Cheney said in August 2002, in one of his conclusive comments on the subject. This position was echoed by Bush and Rice, who both conjured the specter of a mushroom cloud, as well as by Rumsfeld and Colin Powell, who went into more detail about aluminum tubes and uranium. If you were on the inside and read even the now notorious National Intelligence Estimate of 2002, you at least knew that such statements were at the very least overdrawn. Analysts at the departments of Energy and State weren't buying the aluminum tubes and yellowcake theory that formed the basis of the nuclear case." 11-05

  3. Editorial - Security Comes From International Law (
      "If the world hopes to turn around the current trajectory toward greater violence and terror, and move instead toward peace and stability, the lynchpin of any such movement must be a universal, ironclad commitment to the rule of law as the organizing principle of relations among nations."

      "This critically important issue should be debated long and loud, so that short-term problems such as we have in Iraq do not recur often, and long-term global peace and security might be promoted through a more universal understanding of the spirit and letter of international law. Washington has responded to the illegal war allegations by claiming it considered that a previous UN resolution passed four months before the war gave it sufficient authority to attack, because Iraq had refused to surrender suspected weapons of mass destruction. The last 18 months of searching in post-Baathist Iraq have turned up no such weapons. So not only was the U.S.-led war illegal, it was also premised on wrong information at best, and a deceptive lie at worst." 9-04

  4. Ending Bush Impunity (
      "The policies are matters of priorities. And the priorities of the Bush White House are clear. For killing in Iraq, they spare no expense. For protecting and sustaining life, the cupboards go bare."

      "The problem is not incompetence. It's inhumanity, cruelty and greed." 9-05

  1. Help for U.S. Soldiers and Iraqi Children (
      Describes projects to support U.S. soldiers, Iraqi children, and more. Some projects are anti-war. 10-04


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