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Archives 2003

  1. 08-08-03 Al Gore Challenges Reasons for War in Iraq (
      "I'm convinced that one of the reasons that we didn't have a better public debate before the Iraq War started is because so many of the impressions that the majority of the country had back then turn out to have been completely wrong. Leaving aside for the moment the question of how these false impressions got into the public's mind, it might be healthy to take a hard look at the ones we now know were wrong and clear the air so that we can better see exactly where we are now and what changes might need to be made." 8-03

  1. Alabamans Reject Progressive Taxes (NOW - Moyers)
      "In the Montgomery state capitol this past September, some Alabama mayors and local politicians most of them Democrats threw their support behind a radical tax plan, one that would reverse 100 years of inequality in Alabama." The poorest citizens, the ones who would have benefited most, rejected it. 11-03

  2. Clark for President (clark04.comMSNBC)
      Provides information for supporters or those interested in Wesley Clark for president of the United States. 10-03


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