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  1. 11-23-05 GOP Loses "Purple" Democrats (Christian Science Monitor)
      "In a major shift aimed at the 2006 midterm elections, House Democrats are suddenly closing ranks on big votes, forcing an embattled Republican leadership to eke out victories, where they can, on their own." 11-05

  2. McMath, Sidney (
      "Sidney Sanders McMath (June 14, 1912 October 4, 2003) was a decorated U.S. Marine veteran and progressive Democratic reform Governor of the State of Arkansas (19491953) who, in defiance of his state's political establishment, championed rapid extension of rural electric power, massive highway and school construction, the building of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, repeal of the poll tax, open and honest elections and broad expansion of opportunity for black citizens in the decade following World War II." 02-05


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