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  1. -01-16-05 Trippi Backs Rosenberg for DNC Chair (MSNBC News)
      "The question for the next Democratic Party chairman is not, and should not be 'How do we reshape our message?' The role of our next chair must be to build a competitive apparatus, and organization that can win elections and defeat the Republicans."

      "Historically, the message of our party has been determined by who we nominate for president. To impact message and direction of our party, that is where you have to play." 1-05

  2. 08-03-04 Editorial - Bush's Strategy and the Loss of the Center (Slate - Saletan)
      "The power of the speech [by Kerry], reflected in a deafening series of ovations that consumed the FleetCenter tonight, came not from Kerry's biography or the themes he brought to the campaign two years ago. It came from his expression of widespread, pent-up outrage at the offenses of the Bush administration."

      "The theory behind Bush's hard-line style of governance came from his chief political adviser, Karl Rove. Rove believed that Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 because millions of conservatives stayed home. He believed that Bush's father lost the 1992 election by alienating the right and creating a Republican primary challenge by Pat Buchanan. So, on issue after issue, the current President Bush has played to his base. On Rove's theory, every step to the right earns Bush another conservative vote."

      That calculation is correct. But it's only half the story."

      In his determination to unite the right, Bush hasn't just united the left. He has lost the center."

      "One more Bush voter on the right, balanced by one more Kerry voter on the left, plus the tilting of one more voter in the middle toward Kerry, is a net loss for the president." 8-04

  1. Editorials - MSNBC Skewed to the Right (
      "In its post-debate coverage of the October 8 presidential debate between President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry, MSNBC presented a panel and analysis that skewed sharply in favor of the Bush-Cheney '04 ticket." 10-04


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