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Democratic Party

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  1. -08-28-08 Bill Clinton's Speech for Obama (
      Provides former President Bill Clinton's speech to the Democratic National Convention. 08-08

  1. -02-17-08 Obama's Strategy (US News)
      " 'When I decided to run,' he says, 'my calculation was that it was a long shot but that there was a possibility that the skills I had to offer—bringing people together, a track record of pushing against the special interests, a 20-year history of working at a grass-roots level to help working families, pretty well-developed evidence of being straight with people—that that might be what the country needs right now," he says. 'And you know for us to have achieved what we've achieved so far is less, I think, a testament to me than it is to the American people and their eagerness for a fundamental shift in how we do business.' " 02-08

  2. -02-27-08 Clinton Versus Obama Debate in Ohio (MSNBC News)
      Provides the full video of the debate. 2-08

  3. -03-06-08 Democratic Party Delegate Count for President of the U.S. (New York Times)
      Provides the estimated number of delegates gained by Clinton and Obama by state and date. 03-08

  4. -04-25-08 Is Clinton or Obama More "Electable?" (USA Today)
      "And they counterbalance one another to the point where Obama and Clinton end up running almost equally against McCain among all registered voters -- as we note each day when we look at our latest Gallup tracking results. If one of these candidates is really more electable against McCain than the other, one could think we should see it in our national data. To be more electable means getting more votes. At this point neither Obama nor Clinton gets more votes than the other against McCain." 04-08

  5. -06-29-07 Grading the June Democratic Presidential Debate (Time Magazine)
      Time's Mark Halperin grades the candidates. "Obama and Clinton scored big at a forum focused on America's minority communities. But the most memorable — and odd — performance of the night went to Joe Biden." 06-07

  6. -07-08-07 Positions of Democratic Candidates on Global Warming (
      "Americans appear prepared to elect either a black or a female president. But experience trumps both factors—and in a two-way race, Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama by more than 20 points." 07-07

  7. -07-24-08 Editorial: McCain's Tactics vs. Obama's Strategies ( - Klein)
      Senator John McCain's "notion of a 'League of Democracies' seems a transparent attempt to draw a with-us-or-against-us line in the sand against Russia and China. But that's the point: McCain would place a higher priority on finding new enemies than on cultivating new friends."

      "The sudden collapse of McCain's Middle East policy is a stunning event, although McCain's regional stridency raised questions from the start. This is a long campaign — with, I fearlessly predict, at least one major Obama downdraft to come — but John McCain seems panicked, and in deep trouble now." 07-08

  8. -08-08-08 McCain Ads: Subliminal Message or Innocent Levity? (
      "Sapp knows that the phrasing and images could just be dismissed as a peculiar coincidence. After all, it was Oprah Winfrey who told an Iowa crowd that Obama was 'the one!' But, he insists, 'the frequency of these images and references don't make any sense unless you're trying to send the message that Obama could be the Antichrist.' Mara Vanderslice, another Democratic consultant who handled religious outreach for the 2004 Kerry campaign, agrees. 'If they wanted to be funny, if they really wanted to play up the idea that Obama thinks he's the Second Coming, there were better ways to do it,' she says. 'Why use these awkward lines like, "And the world will receive his blessings"?' 08-08

  9. -08-11-08 Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama Advisor (
      "Jarrett has now known the Obamas for 17 years, and is one of their closest friends, Couric reports. Her title on the campaign is senior adviser - which means she often serves as Obama's surrogate at meetings and events he can't attend. After Michelle, Valerie Jarrett may be one of the people he trusts the most." 08-08

  10. -08-31-08 Editorial: Manifestly Unserious (CBS News)
      "Palin's qualifications are, to a very real degree, secondary to the issue at hand. What matters most right now is John McCain's comically dangerous sense of judgment. He picked a running mate he met once for 15 minutes, who's been the governor of a small state for a year and a half, and who is in the midst of an abuse-of-power investigation in which she appears to have lied rather blatantly. She has no obvious expertise in any area, and no record of any kind of federal issues." 08-08

  11. Barack Obama: Energy Policy (
      "Senator Obama has been a Senate leader in pushing for a comprehensive national energy policy and has introduced a number of bills to get us closer to the goal of energy independence. By putting aside partisan battles, he has found common ground on fuel economy standards, renewable fuels, and clean coal." 07-07

  12. Democrat - Barack Obama Gains Oprah's Endorsement (ABC News)
      Helen Kennedy: "But the Queen of All Media's first-ever foray into political campaigning is going to be one for the history and political science books, testing the limits of celebrity endorsements and setting primary-season crowd records."

      " 'She's going to electrify the campaign trail -- there's no question about it,' ABC's George Stephanopoulos said on 'Good Morning America' Thursday." 12-07

  13. Democrat - Barack Obama News (MSNBC News
      Provides news stories on Senator Barack Obama. 05-07

  14. Democrat - Hillary Clintion's Change in Approach (US News)
      "Hillary Clinton's no-compromise approach as first lady failed. Now she's taking a different tack in an attempt to return to the White House." 10-07

  15. Democrat - Hillary and the "Other" Clinton (New York Times)
      "When Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign advisers laid out their new political strategy in a private conference call with allies last Tuesday, Bill Clinton was not on the line. He did not need to be. The message being delivered was his." 12-07

  16. Hillary Clinton: Editorial Against Clinton (CBS News - Robert Scheer)
      "What in the world was Sen. Hillary Clinton thinking when she attacked Sen. Barack Obama for ruling out the use of nuclear weapons in going after Osama bin Laden? And why aren't her supporters more concerned about yet another egregious example of Clinton's consistent backing for the mindless militarism that is dragging this nation to ruin? So what that she is pro-choice and a woman if the price of proving her capacity to be commander in chief is that we end up with an American version of Margaret Thatcher?" 08-07

  17. Presidential Campaigns for 2008 - Democrats (
      Provides news and commentary on the 2008 campaigns. 08-07

  1. Democrat - Barack Obama (
      Provides his official Web site. 03-07

  2. Democrat - Barack Obama Profile (
      Provides a biography. Visitors sometimes misspell as Barak. 03-07

  3. Democrat - Hillary Clinton (
      Provides her official Web site. 03-07

  4. Democrat - Hillary Clinton Biographical Articles (New York Times)
      Provides articles on Hillary Clinton. 03-08

  5. Democrat - Hillary Rodham Clinton (
      Provides a profile of a candidate for president in 2008. 03-07

  6. Democrat - Hillary Rodham Clinton: Hillary's Real Competition (MSNBC News)
      "Forget Obama and Edwards. As she readies her run for the White House, Senator Clinton’s biggest rival is the 42nd president." 02-07

  7. Democrat - Hillary Rodham Clinton: News (MSNBC News)
      Provides news related to Hillary Clinton. "Hillary D. Rodham's senior thesis at Wellesley College, written in 1969, has been speculated about, spun, analyzed, debated, criticized and defended. But rarely has it been read." 02-07

  8. Democrat - Howard Dean (
      Provides a profile of the Chairman of the Democratic Party. 03-07

  9. Democratic Party (
      Provides the official Democratic Party Web site. 03-07

  10. Top Five Things You Can Do to Protect an Elecdtion (
      "Government is the servant of the people, and not the master of them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. We insist on remaining informed so that we may retain control over the instruments of government we have created." 07-08


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