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  1. -11-02-06 Yellow Button Allows Multiple Votes (
      "Anyone who can get at the yellow button can ruin the election. It takes no password, no computer knowledge, no equipment."

      "The formula is printed in materials that have been distributed to thousands of people. The machines will count millions of votes."

      "Citizens -- not scientists or certifiers or testing lab authorities -- identified the problem and have now notified the California secretary of state, and emergency measures are reportedly being taken in California, but not yet in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, or any other state using Sequoia Voting Systems, the third-largest voting system vendor in the U.S." 11-06

  2. -11-17-06 Landslide Denied: Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006 (Election Defense Alliance)
      "When we compare the results of this national exit poll with the total vote count for all House races we find that once again, as in the 2004 Election (E2004), there is a very significant exit poll-vote count discrepancy. The exit poll indicates a Democratic victory margin nearly 4%, or 3 million votes, greater than the margin actually recorded by the vote counting machinery. This is far outside the margin of error of the poll and has less than a one in 10,000 likelihood of occurring as a matter of chance." 11-06

  3. Fraud Projections in 2006 (
      Provides an analysis of projected vs. reported results for 2006, assuming a 4% level of fraud. 11-06


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