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Exit Polls

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  1. Exit Polls - Accurate or Unreliable in 2004? ( star
      "Exit polls are highly accurate. They remove most of the sources of potential polling error by identifying actual voters and asking them immediately afterward who they had voted for."

      "The reliability of exit polls is so generally accepted that the Bush administration helped pay for them during recent elections in Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine." 2-05

  2. Exit Polls - Review of Mitofsky-Edison Exit Polls for the National Election Pool (
      "Our investigation of the differences between the exit poll estimates and the actual vote count point to one primary reason: in a number of precincts a higher than average Within Precinct Error most likely due to Kerry voters participating in the exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters."

      Editor's Note: We find the above statement to be bizzare. Mitofsky-Edison's report data contradict their summary statement. 01-06


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