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Citizen Oversight

  1. The 2006 Elections Were Under Intense Citizen Scrutiny (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Intense scrutiny of the process has helped poll workers stay on their toes, say experts."

      "This year, a new initiative called 'Video the Vote' enlisted amateurs to film poll irregularities. The idea: to bring attention to voting problems even in elections where the winning margin was large enough that they would normally receive little attention.

      'There's so much focus on calling the winners and losers ... that we lose sight of whether the voter was a winner or loser,' says Ian Inaba, one of the leaders of the project that has posted hundreds of interviews at 'You look at those lines in Denver and Missouri or listen to some of those voters in Maryland or even New Jersey - things were not OK [Tuesday]. There were a lot of frustrated people.' " 11-06


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