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Lobbying Reform

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  1. Checklist for Evaluating Lobbying Reform (
      " 'A number of important new reforms are contained in the various proposals that have been presented,' according to Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer. 'In order to determine just how effective the reforms will be, however, it is essential to analyze the legislative language of the proposals. This is a case where reality lies in the details.' "

      " 'The absence of any oversight and enforcement of the congressional ethics rules is its own Washington scandal and a central factor in the lobbying and ethics scandals in Congress,' Wertheimer stated. 'The absence of a "sheriff" for Congress has resulted in a "wild-west," "anything goes" approach to complying with or ignoring the rules.' "

      "In an unprecedented failure, for example, the House Ethics Committee was non-operational and did not function for the entire year in 2005." 01-06

  2. McCain-Feingold Move to Restrict Lobbying (
      "U.S. Senators John McCain and Russell Feingold, who led the drive to ban unlimited corporate and union donations to political parties, will make the first bipartisan effort in a decade to strengthen lobbying laws. Their legislation comes as a scandal threatens to ensnare some colleagues." 12-05


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