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Outsourcing Jobs Overseas

  1. Career-Saving Strategies (The Wall Street Journal)
      "Career and outsourcing experts say workers would be wise to evaluate their current job against 'offshoring' patterns. In today's tough job market, savvy career management requires knowledge of the global marketplace." 06-06

  2. Lou Dobbs Fights Outsourcing of American Jobs Overseas (MSNBC News)
      "At 24-hour cable news networks, both time and opinion are in abundant supply. But exhaustive reporting on a single issue is unusual, as is Dobbs’ strong blend of journalism and advocacy."

      " 'I think if this trend continues, is allowed to continue, that the United States, without being unduly alarmist, is headed toward if not a third-world category than a second-world category as a nation,' Dobbs said in a recent interview.

      "Without tarring all corporate executives, Dobbs said, 'There are some who simply look at this (U.S. economy) as a convenient piggy bank to loot, and the worker be damned.' "

      "And, every night, there’s an updated list of companies that have shipped jobs abroad — a kind of rogue’s gallery that viewers are invited to help keep current." 3-04

  3. Not Every Job Translates Overseas (The Wall Street Journal)
      "Shifting work to India eventually did help cut ValiCert's engineering costs by two-thirds, keeping the company and its major products alive -- and saving 65 positions which remained in the U.S. But not before ValiCert experienced a harrowing period of instability and doubt, and only after its executives significantly refined the company's global division of labor." 06-06

  4. Off-Shoring High-Level Professionals (The Wall Street Journal)
      "The list of jobs being affected by the movement of U.S. work to lower-cost countries around the world is growing. American companies have shipped computer-programming and call-center jobs to educated workers in India, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere for the past decade. Now, workers in a wide range of other fields, from accountants to electrical engineers, are discovering that their jobs aren't immune from offshore outsourcing." 06-06

  5. Outsourcing of American Jobs Overseas: Pros and Cons (The Wall Street Journal)
      "Does offshore outsourcing hurt the U.S. economy by draining away jobs and investment, or does it ultimately make the U.S. stronger? Is it a cost-cutting tactic that should be encouraged, or should it be punished in some way? The issue has become a hot button this election year."

      "Framing the debate in economic terms can be tricky, because while economic theory offers tidy equations that lead to win-win situations, there are losers in the real world. Workers who see their jobs shipped overseas are hurt, even while companies and the economy as a whole may see benefits, such as lower prices for consumers." 06-06

  6. Record U.S. Trade Deficit (CBS News)
      "The United States registered a record $489.4 billion trade deficit for 2003 as a rebounding U.S. economy strengthened Americans' appetites for a wide range of foreign-made goods, including cars, clothing and TVs."

      "Critics point to the deficits as evidence that the president's free-trade policies aren't working and are a factor in the loss of U.S. jobs."

      "The latest snapshot of trade activity comes amid rising tensions over global trade and concerns about the flight, or outsourcing, of U.S. jobs to other countries. President Bush's chief economist, Gregory Mankiw, struck a political nerve earlier this week when he described the loss of U.S. jobs to overseas companies as 'just a new way of doing international trade.' "

      "Painfully slow job growth in the United States is a political sore spot for the president and an issue that Democrats, seeking to capture the White House, like to point out to voters in an election year." 3-04


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