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Ancient Aztecs

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  1. Ancient Aztecs - Steam Baths (Mexicolore)
      "Almost every dwelling had its bath-house, a little hemispherical building shaped rather like an igloo with a low doorway." 8-05

  2. Aztec Account of the Beginning of the Aztec - Spanish War (Halsall - LeonPortilla)
      Provides an account of the meetings between Cortes and Montezuma. Visitors sometimes misspell as Cortez. 5-01

  3. Aztecs - Daily Life (Donn)
      Provides information on the daily lives of the ancient Aztecs.

  4. Montezuma II (
      Provides a biography of the Aztec ruler. 5-01

  5. Sounds of the Ancient Past (MSNBC News)
      "Scientists were fascinated by the ghostly find: a human skeleton buried in an Aztec temple with a clay, skull-shaped whistle in each bony hand."

      "But no one blew into the noisemakers for nearly 15 years. When someone finally did, the shrill, windy screech made the spine tingle." 06-08

  1. Ancient Aztecs (Snaith Primary School)
      Provides worksheets and interactive problems to solve. 11-01


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