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Diesel Vehicles

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  1. "Clean" Diesel Fuel (
      Describes programs for promoting use of low-sulfur or "clean" diesel fuel for significant drops in pollution. 8-04

  2. 2008 Tiquan by Volkswagen (
      Volkswagen's Concept Tiguan gives us good idea of what the company's small SUV will look like when it goes into production late next year. The Golf-based crossover (which will be called--shock!--the Tiguan) is poised to battle the Ford Escape, the Honda CR-V, and the Toyota RAV4, for cute-ute supremacy. Visually, this concept has a strong family resemblance to its big brother, the Touareg, but it also takes cues from the Volkswagen Concept A shown last spring at the Geneva auto show." 07-07

  3. BLUETEC Fuel-Efficient Diesels (GreenCarCongress)
      "The introduction of the E320 BLUETEC in the US this fall (earlier post) marks the beginning of a worldwide initiative by DaimlerChrysler’s Mercedes-Benz group to offer a range of diesel vehicles that comply with the strictest emissions standards anywhere in the world—including all 50 states in the US." 01-07

  4. Diesel-Electric Locomotive (
      "In 1969 UP purchased the very largest and most powerful diesel ever built, the DDA40X, with 6600 HP provided by two diesel engines (prime movers) mounted on one frame." Provides over a dozen locomotives. 11-04

  5. History of the Diesel Car in the USA (
      "After a promising start, the diesel's fortunes sputtered. Today its future is bright — and clean." 07-07

  6. How Diesel Engines Work (
      Describes diesel engines work. 10-04

  7. How Diesel Engines Work (
      Describes diesel engines work. 10-04

  8. How Engines Work (
      Describes how the following types of engines worK: Diesel Two-stroke Engines, Car Engines, Two-stroke Engines, Gas Turbine Engines, Rotary Engines, Rocket Engines, Stirling Engines, and Steam Engines. Also describes how oil refining works. 10-04

  9. Hybrid, Diesel, and Gas Comparison (MSN News)
      Compares cars on "payback" for use of alternate fuels. 9-05

  10. Hybrid, Diesel, and Gas Comparison (MSN News)
      Compares cars on "payback" for use of alternate fuels. 9-05

  11. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen (
      Later this year, VW will launch its cleanest diesel ever in the form of the Jetta SportWagen. The new four-cylinder 2.0-liter TDI engine meets the most stringent Tier II/ Bin 5 emissions standards, with tailpipe emissions on par with clean gasoline engines. Interestingly, these standards are tougher than their European counterpart, the Euro-5 emission standard. Volkswagen hasn’t officially announced fuel economy estimates, but inside sources indicate that mileage will be 12 percent better than the previous generation TDI. Even with the more aggressive 2008 EPA test procedures, that should mean real-world fuel economy in the low-to-mid 40 mpg range. Hyper-mileage enthusiasts may be able to coax well over 50 mpg from the new powertrain."

      "The new 16-valve 2.0-liter TDI produces 140 horsepower and importantly 235 lbs-ft of torque. That generous torque launches the Jetta with authority and delivers strong performance under load and on long grades."

      "The Jetta SportWagen is a landmark vehicle. As the first high-mileage clean diesel offered in the North American market, it will bring the long awaited promise of superior fuel economy and clean operation in a very versatile package." 06-08


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