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  1. -Evacuation and Prefab Cities (Awesome Library)
      "Our cities do not have enough highway capacity to allow us to evacuate quickly. Yet, an earthquake, a 'dirty bomb,' tsunami, biological attack, or other type of disaster hitting a large city will still require rapid evacuation to avoid a great deal more suffering."

      "Major disasters to major cities are inevitable. It is a question of 'when,' not 'if.' "

      "What if we plan and require 'evacuation drills' for cities just like we now plan and require 'fire drills' for buildings?"

      We also need to ready destination sites for evacuees to stay days and up to months. "Prefab cities would become the 'storm shelters' of the future." 9-05

  2. -Evacuation: Cuban Evacuation Success (CNN News)
      "Cuba is the largest and most populated island in the Caribbean yet is consistently experiences the lowest death tolls during hurricane season. According to United Nations, it's not because Cubans are lucky but because they're prepared."

      "State run television and the civil defense authority bombard the population with information and instructions about what measures to take. On every block, there's a person assigned to take a census on who is being evacuated to which shelter, with special attention paid to the elderly and pregnant women." 9-05


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