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Consequences of Global Warming

  1. -Editorial: How to Save Biodiversity in the Face of Global Warming (International Herald Tribune)
      "So as we start thinking seriously about how to stop messing it up any further, let's also start thinking about how to help all life forms adapt."

      "I would propose three strategies to minimize the impact of climate change on biodiversity." 02-07

  2. Consequences of Global Warming (BBC News)
      Provides a graphic of the earth, showing how much sustainable development can reduce global warming in different parts of the world. 03-06

  3. Evidence of Global Warming (
      "Over the past two decades the effect has become more marked. Considerable evidence exists that most of this warming has been caused by human activities.... that's to say we have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through a buildup of greenhouse gases primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide." 11-05


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