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Prehistoric Art

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  1. Cleveland Museum of Art
      Provides anthropology resources.

  2. Pre-History of the Americas (Christian Science Monitor)
      "New finds from Oregon and Chile support the idea that they arrived 3,000 years earlier than previously thought."

  1. -Defining Anthropology (Crow Canyon Archaeology Center - Lightfoot)
      "Anthropology is the study of humans, especially their physical, cultural, and linguistic characteristics and social relationships. Archaeology is a sub-field of anthropology."

  2. Anthropology Glossary ( - Christensen)
      Provides a glossary of key terms and concepts in anthropology. Terms are described with essays elaborating important issues.

  3. Humans Natural Long Distance Runners (ABC News)
      "From our spring-loaded ligaments to our muscular behinds to our ability to sweat, the human body took the ideal shape of a long-distance runner starting some 2 million years ago, the researchers say. The long, lean build helped us scavenge widely scattered kills and could also have been an advantage when hunting down prey over long distances."

  4. Kinnewick Man - Court Rules Ancient North American Can Be Studied (BBC News)
      "A US appeals court has given permission to scientists to study a 9,000-year-old skeleton - despite the objections of some American Indian tribes."

      "Appeal judges ruled it was impossible to establish a relationship between the Indian tribes and 'Kennewick Man'." 2-04

  5. One of Earth's Last Uncontacted Tribes Photographed (
      "Thought never to have had any contact with the outside world, everything about these people is, and hopefully will remain, a mystery."

  6. Solutreans (
      "The Solutrean industry was an advanced flint tool making style of the Upper Palaeolithic."

      "It is named after the type-site of Solutré in the Mâcon district, Saône-et-Loire, eastern France and appeared around 19,000 BCE. The makers of Solutrean-style tools used techniques not seen before and not rediscovered for millennia. They also made ornamental beads and bone pins as well as creating prehistoric art."

      "They produced relatively finely worked, bifacial points using pressure flaking rather than cruder flint knapping. This method permitted working of delicate slivers of flint to make light projectiles and even elaborate barbed and tanged arrowheads."

  7. Stone Tools Found 200,000 Years Earlier in Europe (Scientific American)
      "Now archaeologists have discovered proof that ancient humans lived there too—some 200,000 years earlier than they were believed to have penetrated northern Europe."


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