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Native American

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  1. Native Americans - By Language or Tribe
  1. Native American Language Act of 1992 (Legal Information Institute)
      Provides the federal act that provides funds for projects to preserve Native American languages. 5-02

  2. Native American Languages (Indian Languages - Gliese)
      Provides places that teach Native American Languages, listed by language. 5-02

  3. Native American Languages (
      Provides information on up to 800 languages. 11-03

  1. Endangered Languages - Resources (Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education - Reyhner)
      Provides an annotated list of resources for preserving endangered Native American languages. 7-00

  2. Endangered Languages Grant (Legal Information Institute)
      Provides the US Code under which grants are available "to ensure survival and continuing vitality of Native American languages." 7-00

  3. Native American Languages - How Many Speak in the USA (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
      Provides information on how many speak each Native American language in the USA and where they are located. 7-00

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  1. Language Translations (World Language Resources)
      Provides resources for various Native American languages.


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