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  1. -02-25-06 Aaron Spelling Dies (BBC News)
      "Spelling's hits included Charlie's Angels, Dynasty and Starsky and Hutch, as well as Beverly Hills 90210."

      " According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Spelling was 'the most prolific TV producer of all time,' producing more than 5,000 hours of television programming, including more than 300 hours of made-for-television movies and at least a dozen films." 06-06

  2. -02-25-06 Aaron Spelling Obituary (BBC News)
      "At the height of his success as a producer in the mid 1980s he had seven prime time programmes on the ABC network, making up a third of the broadcaster's output in that most lucrative and popular of timeslots." 06-06

  3. -11-20-06 "Everyone Loves Raymond" Ends (Fox News)
      "After nine seasons, 12 Emmy Awards and consistently high ratings, CBS' "Everybody Loves Raymond" (search) said goodbye Monday night. Star and executive producer Ray Romano (search) and creator Phil Rosenthal (search) wanted to end the show while it was still funny." 11-06


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