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  1. Reading and Writing in the Library

  2. Reading and Writing Lessons (Awesome Library)
      Reading and Writing lessons are provided under Language Arts in "Lessons and Curricula" in the Awesome Library.

  3. Reading and Writing
      Includes listening skills, study skills and related resources.

  4. Reading Skills

  5. Reading Skills (University of Texas)
      Provides suggestions to improve reading and writing skills. 3-01

  6. Reading, Writing and Speaking (KidsClick)
      Provides resources compiled by librarians.

  7. -Reading Skills - What Causes Improvements (NAEP)
      NAEP provides the Nation's Report Card on Reading. 6-05

  8. Book Reviews by Reading Level (Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County - BookHive)
      Provides reviews of books for children, including younger children. 5-00

  9. Reading and Writing Lesson Plans (Teachers.Net)
      Provides almost 300 individual lessons. Specifies a general grade level for each, such as elementary. The quality of lessons varies widely and some only announce the availability of lessons on a topic. 5-00

  10. Accelerated Reading Program (Advantage Learning Systems)
      Provides forms for ordering free information about their learning information systems, such as research studies related to the effectiveness of the program. The program is designed to help the reader enjoy reading more and also improve reading achievement. 9-00

  11. Reading Skills (University of Bradford)
      Suggests strategies to improve the effectiveness of reading. 4-01

  12. Reading Skills Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of printable worksheets organized by theme. Especially designed to provide worksheets for types of book reports. 8-01

  13. Reading Comprehension Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of printable worksheets, by grade level, to help children improve their comprehension of material that has been read to them or they have read. 8-01

  14. Reading Projects (
      Provides over a dozen creative lessons and projects for K-6 grade. 2-02

  15. Reading Skills - What Families Can Do (U.S. Department of Education)
      Provides sources of information. 8-02

  16. Reading Skills - Action Steps for Families (U.S. Department of Education)
      Provides over a dozen suggestions for helping children become better at reading. 8-02

  17. Reading Skills - Building Reading Skills for Young Children (U.S. Department of Education)
      Provides over a dozen suggestions for helping children become better at reading, starting at a very young age. 8-02

  18. Speed Reading Software (
      Provides software, including a free demonstration program, to help improve reading speed and comprehension. Awesome Library does not endorse this software, but provides it as an example.

  19. Phonics Help With Reading (Washington Times)
      "A study has confirmed the premise of the Bush administration's 'Reading First' initiative that systematic phonics instruction is essential in teaching young children of all backgrounds to read successfully." 08-10

  20. English Lessons in Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading (
      Provides 30 lessons for ESL students.

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