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APA Style

  1. -Citations Maker ( star
      Provides a "fillout" form for creating citations in MLA or APA format. The citations created by this form were correct for a sample of cases Awesome Library staff tried, but not all possibilities were tried and therefore Awesome Library cannot certify that all citations for all types of materials will be perfect. 9-05

  1. -APA Publication Manual - Frequently Asked Questions (APA) star
      Provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding changes in style set forth in the 4th edition of the American Psychological Associations's manual of style for publications. 9-05

  2. APA Style (Purdue University - OWL)
      Provides information for formatting research articles. 01-07

  3. Citations - Web Extensions for APA (American Psychological Association)
  4. Electronic Citations - APA Style Guide (
      Provides examples of APA style for electronic citations.


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