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Creative Writing

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Lesson Plans
  1. Creative Writing Tools (
      Provides activities and guides to promote creative writing. Designed for teachers, students, poets, and writers. 10-04

  2. How Creative People Get Their Ideas (
      "Researcher Vera John-Steiner wanted to know 'What nourishes sustained productivity in the lives of creative individuals?' "

      "She interviewed over 70 living creative geniuses and analyzed the notebooks of 50 dead ones (including Tolstoy, Einstein, etc.) to look at their work habits." 06-14

  1. -Dictionary for Students (Merriam-Webster) star
      Provides the definitions and pronunciation of words entered into the search blank.

  2. Dictionary and Thesaurus (Merriam-Webster)
      Provides definitions and pronunciation of words entered into the dictionary search blank. Provides synonyms for words placed in the thesaurus blank.

  1. TeenInk - By and For Teens (21st Century)
      Provides articles and reviews of interest to teens. 3-01

  1. Creative Writing Projects ( - Weihart)
      Provides projects, such as writing essays and poems, around themes.

  2. Essays - Guide to Writing Essays (Livingston)
      Provides suggestions for conducting research and writing the introduction, body and conclusions of the essay.

  3. Tales - Wacky Web Tales (Houghton Mifflin Company - Education Place)
      Help tell the story. Stories may be really funny. 2-01

  4. Writing a Movie Scene (Annenberg and CPB)
      Provides an opportunity to write a movie script online and then see how a screenwriter and others would handle the script. An interactive cinema opportunity.

Purchase Resources
  1. Scripts (
      Provides scripts. 05-09


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