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  1. Iraq History ( - Rosenberg)
      Provides sources of information. 2-01

  2. View - Iraq Would Not Start a War With the USA (CNN)
      "It's unlikely Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would use weapons of mass destruction against the United States unless his country were attacked, a leading U.S. senator on defense policy said Saturday." 5-02

  3. Iraqi Opposition Leaders (BBC News)
      Describes groups and leaders who may play a role in any attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein as leader of Iraq. "US-led action against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq would likely involve the help of internal and external opponents of the regime." 8-02

  4. Key Questions in Iraq Debate (BB News - Hardy)
      "As an American attack on Iraq has grown more likely, an intense public debate has got under way among Republican commentators, many of them veterans of previous administrations." "What is at stake is not only the future shape of the Middle East, but in all probability the future of US foreign policy." 8-02

  5. Debate on Intervention in Iraq (
      Provides both sides of the debate on whether the USA should make a "first strike" military attack against Iraq. 8-02

  6. European and Middle East Leaders Alarmed by Bush Administration's Position on Iraq (CNN - Oakley)
      Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said '' 'If you strike Iraq and kill the people of Iraq while Palestinians are being killed by Israel... then not one Arab leader will be able to control the angry outburst of the masses.' " In addition, European nations "have noted with alarm what they see as growing unilateralist attitudes in the U.S.," according to Oakley. "Even the United States' staunchest ally in Europe [the UK] still prefers the diplomatic course to the military one at this stage." 9-02

  7. Global Outcry Against US Attack on Iraq (Guardian - Watt, Norton-Taylor, and Ward)
      "Alarmed by growing rhetoric from leading hawks in Washington, key countries from China to Saudi Arabia warned of the devastating consequences of a US-led assault against Iraq." 8-02

  8. Iraq

  9. Bush Administration Urges Action Against Iraq (CNN News)
      Provides arguments by Bush administration officials for taking action, possibly military intervention, against Iraq. Officials noted that Iraq had recently attempted to gain metal cylinders believed to be useful primarily for developing nuclear fuel. 9-02

  10. Middle Class in Iraq Eliminated (BBC News - Ghattas)
      "Iraq's middle class has been almost completely wiped out while poverty is spreading and people with close ties to the regime are becoming richer."

      "With the US planning a military strike against Iraq, Iraqis feel the future now looks even more uncertain." 9-02

  11. Report Speculates About Iraq Military Possibilities (CNN News - Goldberg)
      Summarizes a report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on possible military capabilities of Iraq. The co-author of the report, Gary Samore, speculates on how long it might take Iraq to acquire nuclear weapons. Samore also speculates that Iraq could have already stockpiled chemical or biological weapons. The author discusses Iraq's ability to attack other countries with weapons of mass destruction.


  12. Questions and Answers Regarding War With Iraq (BBC News - Reynolds)
      "As US President George Bush discusses the situation in Iraq with domestic and world leaders, BBC News Online's world affairs correspondent Paul Reynolds examines the issues which are leading towards a US-led war against Saddam Hussein and possible outcomes." BBC News is British. 9-02

  13. World Views of an American War Against Iraq (World Press)
      Provides views from different cities of the world about a war initiated by the USA against Iraq. Includes the cities of Nairobi, Christchurch, Sydney, Bridgetown, Singapore, Cairo, Mexico City, Stockholm, Sofia, Beijing, Colombo, Karachi, Paris, Manama, Lagos, and São Paulo." 9-02

  14. Bush Asks for U.N. Support on Iraq (BBC News)
      "US President George W Bush has made his case against Iraq in a key address to the United Nations. " Lists the key points from the speech. 9-02

  15. Poll - Americans Do Not Want America to Attack Iraq Alone (CBS News)
      Provides results of a poll that finds that while Americans "approve of U.S. military action to try to remove him [Saddam], and believe war against Iraq is inevitable, most would prefer to wait -- for the U.N. to try to get weapons inspectors back into Iraq, for President Bush to get the approval of Congress, and for U.S. allies to join in." 9-02

  16. Russia Fears U.S. Control of Iraq Oil (Independent - Buncombe)
      "With the second-biggest reserves in the world, Iraq's underdeveloped oilfields have become a key negotiating chip and a backdrop to talks between the US and the other permanent members of the UN Security Council – all of which have major economic stakes in regime change in Iraq." 9-02

  17. Key Stories and Facts Related to War with Iraq (CBC News)
      Provides in-depth articles from a Canadian perspective. 10-02

  18. U.N. Resolution on Iraq (CNN)
      Provides the text of the U.N. resolution on Iraq (1441) regarding U.N. inspections for weapons of mass destruction. Editor's Note - U.N. resolution 1441 states:

      "False statements or omissions in the declarations submitted by Iraq pursuant to this resolution and failure by Iraq at any time to comply with, and co-operate fully in the implementation of this resolution, shall constitute a further material breach of Iraq's obligations and will be reported to the Council for assessment." 11-02

  19. Essays - After Winning the War in Iraq (The Atlantic - Fallows)
      Describes the obligations that the USA will have after a war with Iraq. Also challenges some basic assumptions about why the USA should go to war with Iraq.

      "I ended up thinking that the Nazi analogy paralyzes the debate about Iraq rather than clarifying it. Like any other episode in history, today's situation is both familiar and new. In the ruthlessness of the adversary it resembles dealing with Adolf Hitler. But Iraq, unlike Germany, has no industrial base and few military allies nearby."

      "As a rule, the strongest advocates of pre-emptive attack [against Iraq], within the government and in the press, had neither served in the military nor lived in Arab societies. Military veterans and Arabists were generally doves." 11-30-02

  20. Essay - Unintended Consquences of Attacking Iraq ( - Paul)
      "It seems the obsession about Iraq's improbable possession of nuclear weapons far exceeds the more realistic possibility that our pre-emptive strike against Iraq may precipitate a nuclear exchange between these two countries [India and Pakistan], or even a first strike with nuclear weapons by Israel against Iraq." 11-30-02

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