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  1. -02-09-07 FDA Approves a Device to Save the Limbs of Soldiers (MSNBC News)
      "A plastic shunt that can temporarily rejoin the severed blood vessels of soldiers wounded on the battlefield won federal approval Friday, following an expedited review." 02-07

  2. -03-05-07 Generals Apologize for Reed Army Hospital Care for Injured Soldiers (PBS News)
      "Maj. Gen. George Weightman, who was recently fired as head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley apologized for substandard outpatient care at the medical center and vowed to improve the system at a House hearing Monday." 03-07

  3. -03-05-07 Veterans Hospitals Unprepared to Treat Brain Injuries of Returning Soldiers (PBS News)
      "The Veterans Administration is unprepared to care for brain-injured Iraq war veterans once they leave rehabilitation centers and return home to VA hospitals, a new documentary reports. An advocate and the VA secretary discuss treating the injuries." 03-07


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