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  1. Internet Public Library: Health and Nutrition 12-04

  2. CNN Food and Health News

  3. Healthy Eating (Random House) 1-01

  4. Healthy Heart (Franklin Institute) 12-03

  5. Horses - Health Care
      Provides a guide to equine health care. 10-09

  6. Bird Health Care Guide (Hot Spot for Birds - Sherwood)
      "Signs of good health in a bird include bright eyes, clean shiny feathers, good appetite and lots of energy. Healthy birds eat often and are active. To help insure a healthy pet, obtain your bird from a reputable bird store or breeder." 10-09

  7. Bird Health Care Guide
      Provides articles. 10-09

  8. Pet Care Library (
      Provides articles. 10-09

  9. Health

  10. Health and Wellness Resources (Health World)

  11. Health Lessons (Awesome Library)
      Health lessons are provided in "Lessons and Curricula" in the Awesome Library.

  12. Women's Health (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women related to health and disease prevention.

  13. Fitness Bi-Monthly Articles (Global Health and Fitness - Tackett)
      Provides over 50 articles to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 3-02

  14. Health Issues for Kids (Nemours Foundation -
      Provides The Kids Section, information about feelings, health, fitness, safety, the human body and other topics for children.

  15. Healthy Diet and Nutrition Search (Mayo Foundation)
      Provides a search engine for Mayo Clinic articles.

  16. Environmental Projects and Activities for Children (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
      NIEH provides dozens of lessons and activities related to improving the environment.

  17. Health Problems from Pollution from A to Z (NIEHS)

  18. Health and Medical Information (Healthfinder)
      Rated the number three education site by Web 100. Provides information on diseases, health, nutrition, prevention, and more. Also provides information by interest group.

  19. Immunizations (Minnesota Department of Health)
      Provides immunization information. Includes Influenza, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, Hib, Polio, Varicella, Rotavirus, DTaP, and Td. 1-04

  20. Cholesterol Prevention (National Institutes of Health - NHLBI)
      Describes the role of cholesterol in the body and how to prevent excessive buildup in the arteries. 3-00

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