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  1. Amber Alert May Become a National System (
      Reports efforts by the Senate to develop legislation that makes the Amber Alert a national system. " ''We've had 13 Amber alerts in California in one month,' Feinstein said in unveiling the legislation Tuesday. 'One was a misstep. All other 12 have resulted in the return of the child. Eight were abductions from strangers and four involved family members. Now that's an unparalleled record.' " 9-02

  2. Cancer Cure Approved (CenterWatch)
      Describes the research on the new drug, STI-571 or Gleevec, which has been shown to attack only cancer cells and provide a very high rate of cure in leukemia. The FDA approved its use. 5-02

  3. Heart Muscle Regenerates (USA Today)
      Provides a summary of a major medical finding, that a heart can repair itself after a heart attack. Before this, scientists and doctors believed that heart muscles could not be restored after they were damaged in a heart attack. 6-02

  4. Medicine and the Genome Projects (CNN - Feig)
      Summarizes implications of the human genome project, considered a major milestone for medicine. 2-01

  5. Obesity - Food Industry Sued (CBC News)
      "The same lawyers who took on Big Tobacco met this summer in Washington to explore whether similar tactics can be used against the food industry." "And just like tobacco, the lawyers would target junk food advertising and gimmicks directed at children." 8-02


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