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  1. Guides

  2. Redman, Joshua ( - Rough Guides)
      Provides a brief biography. 2-01

  3. Photography Teaching Guides (Kodak)
      Provides two teaching guides in photography. Uses PDF format.

  4. Electric Bicycles by Name of Company (Source Guides)
      Provides sources of electric bicycles or motors. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but provides it as an example. 1-02

  5. Study Guides on Literature (
      Provides free notes on popular literature often studied in High School and College. 01-07

  6. Campaigning Guides (BBC News)
      "Here on Action Network, we want you to be able to take action on problems that affect to you."

      "We've written guides to help you get to grips with organising a campaign. Find out about everything from setting up a group and organising a petition, to fundraising and becoming a charity." 07-07

  7. Making Tracks Trail Guides (
      "The Making TRACKS project is developing a permanent collection of hiking trails throughout the United States with a comprehensive list of common species found on each."

      "We hope to enhance hiking trails by making them into educational nature trails for beginning naturalists, families and schools. Our goal is to foster a deeper appreciation of the natural world and strengthen conservation awareness."

      "Making TRACKS provides downloadable nature guides and species lists for each trail, as well as resources for schools to make their own educational nature trails on school grounds or in nearby communities."

  8. -Teacher Guides on Literature (Pro
      Provides guides by book or story title. 10-10

  9. World Wide City Guides

  10. Grade 1 - Curriculum Guides - South Africa (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides a teacher's guide and pupil's workbooks.

  11. Astronomy - Guides by Topic and Grade (NASA)
      Provides over a dozen guides for teachers in a variety of topics on astronomy. Documents are in Acrobat Reader format. (Acrobat Reader is software that can be downloaded without charge.) Also includes pictures, wall posters, slides and videotape listings at the bottom of the page.

  12. Citations Guides (
      Provides resources for MLA, APA, and Chicago styles of citations and includes styles for electronic references.

  13. Consumer Product Guides (Mercata)
      Provides guides for the purchase of key household items. 7-00

  14. Guides to Quitting Tobacco Use (QuitNet)
      Provides 6 guides to help stop tobacco use. 6-00

  15. No Child Left Behind - Articles and Guides (Education Commission of the States)
      Provides issue papers and guides to NCLB. (Uses PDF format.) 12-03

  16. Introduction to HTML
      With this tutorial, you can pick up the basics of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in a few short hours. Armed with that knowledge and access to a Web server, you can jump onto the bandwagon and put yourself on the Web."

  17. Language Resources (iLoveLanguages - Chambers)
      Includes resources for over 125 languages. Possible resources include lessons, fonts, dictionaries, translation guides, and literature

  18. Putting Information on the Web

  19. Getting Internet

  20. CNN Technology News

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