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  1. Games to Learn Math Fundamentals (Conway)
      Provides 16 games.

  2. Games - Mancala Mathematics Game
      "Mancala games are among those ancient games that last and last because the rules to play are simple, but the subtleties of winning take a long time to master."

  3. Games

  4. Word Games - Vocabulary Puzzles (Vocabulary University)
      Provides puzzles, including cross word puzzles, at various levels of difficulty. Starts at elementary level and includes SAT, GED, and GRE preparation.

  5. Educational Card Games (San Diego State University - Ed Tech)
      Cardboard Cognition's games provide dozens of problem solving games.

  6. Word Games and Puzzles (Puzzlemaker)
      Provides eleven types of puzzles that are solved online. Even shows how the puzzles are generated and how the teacher can generate a unique new variation.

  7. Lincoln, Abraham Games (Quia - Payton)
      Provides games, such as matching words, related to Abraham Lincoln.

  8. Word Games by Subject (Quia)
      Provides games or worksheets by school subject. Provides a format for contributing games also.

  9. Math Games and Puzzles (CTK Math Games for Kids)
      Provides games and puzzles that require math to solve.

  10. Periodic Table Games (CSUDH)
      Provides a game to help learn the periodic table. 12-02

  11. Practice - Matching, Flash Cards, and Concentration Games (Quia)
      Provides practice exercises in math to help master the fundamentals.

  12. Back Yard Games

  13. Animal Puzzles and Games (PBS Online and Nature)
      Provides games and puzzles to stimulate interest in certain animals. Requires the (free) Flash plug-in. 7-00

  14. Astronomy Projects, Games, and Activities (
      Provides activities and games to encourage children to explore astronomy. 11-00.

  15. Water Conservation Games and Activities (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides 11 games and activities to help children better understand how water is purified and used, as well as facts about water. 1-01

  16. Games Related to Science (Ontario Science Centre - SciZone)
      Provides interactive games related to science and technology. 8-01

  17. Math Worksheets, Games, Flashcards, and Lessons (
      Provides math worksheets, games, flashcards, and lessons with practice.

  18. Math Games (
      Provides games to provide practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  19. Math Games (
      Provides games to help children learn basic math, for grades 1 - 3. Uses Flash software.

  20. Math Games (
      Provides games to help children learn basic math, for grades 4 - 6. Includes angles, place values, fractions and decimals, and prime factoring. Uses Flash software.

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