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Yard Games

  1. Games for the Back Yard (Nieboer)
      Provides the rules and a description for over 100 games that can be played outside. (Warning - loads slowly.) 3-00

  1. Croquet (
      Provides UK rules, suggestions for lawn care, news, and more. 6-05

  2. Croquet (
      Provides American rules, a history, news, and more. 6-05

  3. Croquet - History of Croquet (
      Provides a short history. 6-05

  4. Croquet - World Croquet Federation (
      Provides information on tournaments. 6-05

  5. Croquet Skills (
      Provides tips on the fundamentals of the stroke. 6-05

  6. Yard Games and More (Fun-Attic)
      Provides descriptions of over five dozen outdoor games. Use the index on the right side of the page to get to the game of your choice.


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