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Board Games

  1. Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlsen (CBS News)
      Provides an interview with the number one player in the world at the age of 21. 02-14

  1. Chess - Bobby Fischer (CNN News)
      Starting at 14, Fischer won eight U.S. Championships. At 15, he became the youngest Grandmaster of the game."

      "In 1972, he won against Spassky. 07-10

  2. Scrabble Online (
      Provides free games but requires registration.

  3. Scrabble Word Solver (
      Provides free assistance with games of Scrabble.

  1. Chess (Delorie)
      Provides online chess games against a computer. 4-01

  2. Chess (Delorie)
      Provides online chess games against a computer. 4-01

  3. Chess Game (Chambers) 4-01
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  1. Chess Club (International Chess Club)
      Provides online chess opportunities. Awesome Library does not endorse this service, but provides it as an example. 10-02


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