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Word Games

  1. Word Game - Cross Word Puzzles (Yahoo)
      Provides puzzles. 10-09

  2. Word Game - Spell Check Game (FunBrain)
  3. Word Games - Crossword Puzzles (One Across)
      Searches for finding that impossible last word in a crossword puzzle.

  4. Word Games - Vocabulary Puzzles (Vocabulary University)
      Provides puzzles, including cross word puzzles, at various levels of difficulty. Starts at elementary level and includes SAT, GED, and GRE preparation.

  5. Word Games and Puzzles (Puzzlemaker)
      Provides eleven types of puzzles that are solved online. Even shows how the puzzles are generated and how the teacher can generate a unique new variation.

  6. Word Puzzle Resources (Lewis)
      Provides dozens of sources of cross wordpuzzles. Visitors sometimes misspell as cross word or cross-word. 3-01


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