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  1. Video Software (Quicktime and More)

  2. Software (TUCOWS)

  3. Egghead Software
      Sells software. 11-01

  4. Software Reviews (
      Provides reviews. 10-09

  5. Voice Phone and Sound Software

  6. Multilingual Software Library (

  7. Educational Software (Soft4U)
      Provides significant discounts for teachers, students and educational institutions.

  8. Educational Software for Very Young Children (High-Value Technologies)
      Sells software for teachers, students and very young children.

  9. Email - Free Software and Service (Juno)
      Provides email software and service. Does not require an Internet service provider or ISP. Juno is supported by advertising.

  10. Email - Free Software (Qualcomm)
      Provides Eudora Light, a free version of Eudora Pro, one of the best email software packages.

  11. Email - Free Software (Microsoft)
      Provides HotMail, a free email software package.

  12. Math Worksheets (S and S Software)
      Provides progressively difficult math problems and solutions in worksheets, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

  13. Computers and Software (Circuit City)
      Provides a directory of computer hardware products.

  14. Tibetan Buddhism Software (Tibetan Clipart)
      Provides screensavers, Web page corners, and other software for persons interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

  15. Video Conferencing Software (CU-SeeMe)
      Provides software to for videochats. 2-00

  16. Bulletin Board Software (
      Provides free software for a bulletin board on the Web. 1-01

  17. Bulletin Board Software - Ultimate (
      Provides Ultimate Bulletin Board software. 1-01

  18. Bulletin Board Software - Ultimate (
      Provides Ultimate Bulletin Board software in trial form with limited features. 1-01

  19. Software for Geometry (Geometry Technologies -
      Provides software for geometry. 5-01

  20. Child Safety and Filtering Software

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