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  1. Clip Art and Graphics

  2. Image Manipulation (Pro Draw Graphics)
      Provides demo versions of over a dozen graphic tools. Includes, for example, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, and Photomodeler Lite. Caution - Work from some demo versions cannot be saved or printed. 8-99

  3. Text Graphics (Font Pool)
      Constructs text in a variety of graphic fonts.

  4. Graphics for Calculus (Arnold)
      Provides graphics that can be used in calculus. 5-00

  5. Winnie-the-Pooh - Stories and Graphics (LavaSurfer)
      Provides modern and classic graphics, characters, stories, and more. Visitors sometimes spell as Winnie the Pooh. 8-02

  6. Graphics Accelerators - Most Popular (ZDNet)
      Lists ZDNet's most popular graphics cards. 4-03

  7. Christmas Images and Graphics (
      Provides free Christmas icons and graphics.

  8. Thanksgiving Images and Graphics (
      Provides free Thanksgiving icons and graphics

  9. Images and Graphics (
      Provides free icons and graphics 11-06

  10. Voices and Graphics for Text-to-Speech (
      Provides text-to-speech voices and "talking heads." 11-06

  11. Computer Graphics - 3D ( star
      "This class will teach you about the basic principles of 3D computer graphics: meshes, transforms, cameras, materials, lighting, and animation." The course is free. 10-12

  12. Computer Graphics (
      "CS184.1x teaches the Foundations of Computer Graphics. Students will make images of 3D scenes in real-time, and with offline raytracing." The course is free. 10-12

  13. Images and Graphics (
      Provides free graphics.

  14. Nvidia Spends Billions on a Graphics Card (
      "Read that again: The GTX 1080 has twice the graphics-crunching brawn of the world’s most formidable consumer GPU, using one-third the electrical power, for roughly half the cost." 05-16

  15. HTML Guide (
      Provides tutorials on creating image maps, and other basic HTML coding. 2-00

  16. Education - For Teachers (Arrington)
      Provides icons and clip art. Copyright status unknown. 8-00

  17. Icons and Clip Art (
      Provides thumbnail size clip art, including heads, symbols, and other. 3-05

  18. Index (Leishman)
      Provides icons and clip art. Copyright status unknown. 8-00

  19. -Clip Art Speed Enhancer ( star
      Improves the speed of downloading your GIF files. 2-05

  20. Clip Art Appearance Enhancer (Xara Webster)
      Improves the quality of GIF files for your Web site. Demo version rather limited in capacity.

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