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  1. Geography Clip Art (Miningco - Rosenberg) 2-01
  1. American Flag (Awesome Library)
      Provides flags of the United States for printing, placing on Web pages, placing on car antennas, or for "screen wallpaper." Also provides a history of the flag, how to display and show respect for the flag, how to fold the flag, words to the National Anthem (Star-Spangled Banner), the Pledge of Allegiance, and related activities, clip art, pictures, songs, and symbols of American patriotism. Includes other patriotic graphics, as well a an Earth flag and picture of the world. Clip art is sometimes spelled clipart. 9-02

  2. Animal Clip Art (
      Provides mostly photos. 02-06

  3. Animals Clipart (
      Provides Bears, Birds, Bugs, Cats, Cows, Dogs, Donkeys and Mules, Elephants, Foxes, Fish and Water, Horses, Moose, Pets, Pigs, Rabbits, Reptiles, Rodents, and Sheep. 2-01

  4. Astronomy - Suns and Stars (Ralph)
      Provides a variety of suns and stars in different sizes and styles. Copyright conditions provided. 8-00

  5. Christmas Images and Graphics (
      Provides free Christmas icons and graphics.

  6. Clip Art (Clip Art Gallery)
      Provides excellent clipart, arranged by subject. 8-00

  7. Clip Art (Clip Art Warehouse) 7-00
  8. Clip Art (
      Provides excellent clipart for teachers and school administrators. 8-05

  9. Clip Art (Mining Company - Peachey)
      Provides nicely arranged and comprehensive options, including a large variety on nature, especially flowers. 7-00

  10. Education - For Teachers (Arrington)
      Provides icons and clip art. Copyright status unknown. 8-00

  11. Flag of the USA (
      Provides American flags that can be posted on Web pages. 9-01

  12. Flags - State Flags (
      Provides pictures of the state flags. 11-01

  13. Geography Clip Art (Miningco - Rosenberg) 2-01
  14. Holiday Clipart (
      Provides a few free clipart samples for several holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and Independence Day.

  15. Images and Graphics (
      Provides free icons and graphics 11-06

  16. Images and Graphics (
      Provides free graphics.

  17. Index (Leishman)
      Provides icons and clip art. Copyright status unknown. 8-00

  18. Thanksgiving Images and Graphics (
      Provides free Thanksgiving icons and graphics

  19. Weather Icons (The Weather Underground)
      Provides a small icon with today's temperature for several large cities. 8-00

  1. Clip Art - Basic Help With Images (Brumbaugh and Aphids Communications)
      Provides step by step guidance in downloading and using images available on the Internet. 8-00


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