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  1. By Topic - Animation (ClipArtConnection)
      Provides hundreds of free animations by topic.

  2. Cube - Six Sided (Ibon)
      Provides an applet with 6 sides that can be programmed. 5-00  

  1. 3-D Animations (Eclipse)
      Provides free animated GIF art in 3-D.

  2. Animals in Animation (Plainview Elementary)
      Includes a flag, an arrowhead, a lizard catching a fly, a spider dropping down, a deer running, an elephant walking and a butterfly.

  3. Courtesies in Using Animation of Others (Awesome Library)
      If you utilize any animations on your web site, please provide a link or credit to the creator (when known) somewhere on your web site. Also, host the animation on your server rather than creating unwanted traffic to the author's server. In addition, just because an animation is available online, does not make it free for you. Unless the author specifically states that the graphic is free, it is a violation of copyright law to put the actual graphic file on your Web page (on your Web server) without permission. However, providing a link (the Web address) to someone's graphic is not considered a violation of copyright law.

  1. Animations (Animation Library)
      Provides listings of free (for noncommercial use) animations. 3-00

  2. Anime - Parent's Guide (Anime Cafe)
      Provides definitions to the ratings for anime and reviews specific popular titles. 3-00

Purchase Resources
  1. Royalty-Free Animations (
      Provides animations. Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but provides them as examples. 04-06


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