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  1. Eighteenth Century - Biographies (English Server)
      "This collection archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here (in some cases, influential texts from before 1700 or after 1800 as well), along with modern criticism." 10-09

  2. Constructivism (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      "As a philosophy of learning, constructivism can be traced at least to the eighteenth century and the work of the Neapolitan philosopher Giambattista Vico, who held that humans can only clearly understand what they have themselves constructed. Many others worked with these ideas, but the first major contemporaries to develop a clear idea of constructivism as applied to classrooms and childhood development were Jean Piaget and John Dewey." 7-04

  3. Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans (Yale Law College - Avalon Project)
      Provides teaties by century, from the eighteenth century through the twenty-first. Also provides some of the available treaties from 1778 - 1868. 9-04

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