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  1. Diabetes Can Be Prevented With Diet and Moderate Exercise (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases)
      Suggests how to keep healthy. 05-06

  2. Prevention of Childhood Diseases Globally (World Health Organization)
      Explains that over half of deaths of children globally is from just four conditions, pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, malaria and measles. These conditions can all be treated for 41 cents per child, including vaccines, injection equipment, vitamins, salts, and more. Provides financial support globally to fight health problems. (Diarrhea is spelled diarrhoea in the United Kingdom.) 1-01

  3. -12-09-05 Dog Genome Decoded to Help Study Human Diseases (Scientific American)
      "Because each breed represents an isolated group with discrete traits that can be linked to distinct genes--and because different breeds suffer from some of the same maladies that afflict humans, such as allergies or certain types of cancer--the dog's genome should help isolate the genetic roots of such diseases, proving dogs' utility to humanity once more." 12-05.

  4. -02-17-06 Growing New Cells to Cure Neurological Diseases (ABC News)
      "Scientists are getting closer to reaching one of the Holy Grails of medical research regenerating brain cells to wipe out a wide range of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and epilepsy." 02-06

  5. Tree Diseases (
      Provides information from "the Forest Insect and Disease Leaflet Series, USDA Forest Service." 6-07

  6. -03-04-09 10 Diseases Stem Cells May Cure (U.S. News)
      "Excitement over the embryonic cells comes from their remarkable ability, as biological blank slates, to become virtually any of the body's cell types. Many observers believe the president's move will accelerate the hunt for cures for some of our most vexing diseases." 03-09

  7. Efforts to Treat Diseases from Genome Research Results Are Frustrated (New York Times)
      "As more people have their entire genomes decoded, the roots of genetic disease may eventually be understood, but at this point there is no guarantee that treatments will follow. If each common disease is caused by a host of rare genetic variants, it may not be susceptible to drugs." 06-10

  8. Diseases and Conditions (Internet Public Library )
      Provides sources of information by general topics. 12-04

  9. Diseases and Conditions (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Provides nearly 100 factsheets from AACAP on common health and mental health problems of children and teens. Fast loading. For parents.

  10. Diseases and Conditions (Yahoo)
      Provides a search engine for finding articles on specific diseases and conditions, as well as an alphabetic directory. Very comprehensive.

  11. -Diseases and Conditions (Health World Online)
      Factsheets and Search.
      Provides a directory of HWO factsheets for consumers, organized alphabetically by topic. Also includes a search engine for the articles.

  12. -Diseases and Conditions (American Medical Association)
      Factsheets and Search.
      Provides factsheets for consumers alphabetically, by topic. Includes a search engine, but many of the articles included in the searches tend to be for health care professionals. 8-01

  13. Diseases and Conditions (Merck)
      "The Merck Manual is the most widely used medical text in the world." Designed for health care professionals.

  14. Diseases and Conditions (Family Village)
      Provides a comprehensive listing of diseases and conditions, with a focus on finding others to chat with and sources of help. Includes who to contact for more information, Web sites providing more information, where to go to chat with others, and the results of an Alta Vista search for the disease or condition. 2-00

  15. Diseases and Conditions (Merck Manual)
      Includes a search engine for searches by keywords. Searches the Merck Manual, as well as a wide variety of other sources. Seems more for the health professional than for the consumer.

  16. Diseases and Conditions (Centers for Disease Control)
      Provides a comprehensive listing of common diseases and conditions, including articles from a wide variety of health-related sources. Consumer oriented. 1-04

  17. -Diseases and Conditions (healthfinder)
      Factsheets and Search.
      Provides factsheets from a variety of sources, but with a similar format, on diseases, health, nutrition, prevention, and more. Also provides interest groups and organizations associated with the disease or condition. Rated the number three education site by Web 100. 8-01

  18. -Diseases and Conditions (American Academy of Family Physicians)
      Factsheets and Search.
      Provides factsheets for the consumer, developed by AAFP and organized alphbetically by topic. Includes a search engine.

  19. -Diseases and Conditions (HealthTouch Online)
      Factsheets and Search.
      Provides factsheets for the consumer, developed by HealthTouch Online to summarize information about the descriptions, causes and treatments of common diseases and disorders.

  20. Diseases and Conditions

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