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  1. -09-18-05 Face Transplants Considered (CBS News)
      "This is no extreme TV makeover. It is a medical frontier being explored by a doctor who wants the public to understand what she is trying to do."

      "It is this: to give people horribly disfigured by burns, accidents or other tragedies a chance at a new life. Today's best treatments still leave many of them with freakish, scar-tissue masks that don't look or move like natural skin."

      "These people already have lost the sense of identity that is linked to the face; the transplant is merely 'taking a skin envelope' and slipping their identity inside, Siemionow contends." 9-05

  2. -12-02-05 Fatal Bacterial Illness Spreading (CBS News)
      "A deadly bacterial illness commonly seen in people on antibiotics appears to be growing more common even in patients not taking such drugs, federal health officials warned Thursday."

      "The bacteria are Clostridium difficile, also known as C-diff. The germ is becoming a regular menace in hospitals and nursing homes, and last year it was blamed for 100 deaths over 18 months at a hospital in Quebec, Canada."

      "Recent cases in four states show it is appearing more often in healthy people who have not been admitted to health-care facilities or even taken antibiotics, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." 12-05


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