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  1. Sea World

  2. CNN World News

  3. Survey of Users of the World Wide Web

  4. State of the World's Children (UNICEF)

  5. Linking Kids Around the World (Global SchoolNet Foundation)

  6. World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions 10-01

  7. World History (Mabry)

  8. Computer Gaming World
      Provides news on computer games. 2-00

  9. Weather Worldwide Forecasts by City (USA Today)
      Provides weather by city globally. 11-01

  10. Aboriginal Peoples Worldwide Links (Henderson)
      Provides links. 10-09

  11. Recycler's World
      "Recycler's World was established as a world wide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items or materials." 10-09

  12. History of the World Chart
      Provides information by time period, people, event, or location (maps). (Start with the left column.) 10-09

  13. The Study of Women in the Ancient World

  14. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (
      "Today we continue that tradition of celebrating that which amazes and inspires us Ė commemorating the man-made and natural wonders that surround us with such lists as the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World and the New Seven Wonders of the World Ė one of the many modern lists of wonders."

      "These lists of the greats donít stop us from admiring other wonders in the world however Ė wonders that havenít made the lists but donít necessarily stop inspiring in us those same feelings of wonder that so captured the imagination of the ancient Greeks." 10-09

  15. World War I (Yahoo)

  16. -World War I History star
      Provides a well organized and comprehensive set of resources on World War I, including separate sections for biographies, maps, armory, timelines, photos, media, each country, documents, and much more.

  17. World War II (Yahoo)

  18. World War II Decisions (USA Center of Military History)

  19. World War II Stories (Mabry)

  20. Milestones of Ancient Egypt (Exploring Ancient World Cultures)
      Ancient Egyptian milestones from 3100 BCE to 305 BCE. 1-04

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