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  1. 01-26-04 Human Rights Watch Decries Iraq War (Radio Free Europe)
      "International-rights monitor Human Rights Watch says there are special circumstances that warrant humanitarian intervention across the borders of sovereign states. But conditions in Iraq last year, the group says, did not meet these criteria."

      "The organization has exhaustively chronicled the abuses of Saddam Hussein's regime dating back to the 1980s, estimating it was responsible for as many as 250,000 deaths. But it says in a lead article in its annual survey of human rights that at the time of the U.S.-led invasion last March, there was no crisis in Iraq that justified a massive military intervention." 1-04

  2. 06-26-04 Farenheit 9/11 Goes After Bush (
      "Michael Moore’s scathing indictment of the Bush administration, 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' winner of the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, doesn’t break a lot of new ground."

      "The freshest ammunition in Moore’s arsenal is a camcorder tape of Bush’s ultra-delayed reaction to the news that the World Trade Center had been hit by terrorists. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Bush was reading to kids at a Florida elementary school. After being informed of the attacks, Bush froze and continued with the classroom lesson — for nearly seven minutes."

      "But there’s a somber quality to the film’s second half, as the cost of the Iraq war becomes harder to hide. Interviews with fed-up American soldiers and furious Iraqi citizens are particularly chilling. So is Moore’s talk with a woman who lost her disillusioned son in Iraq and tearily confesses that she should have been paying more attention to the reasons he went."

      " 'Fahrenheit 9/11' isn’t entirely designed to skewer the current administration. Democrats are chastised for voting for the war and for not challenging the Supreme Court’s decision to anoint Bush, while senators of both parties are condemned for not backing African-American Congressmen who questioned the Florida election. Moore’s final hope, delivered in a non-partisan spirit, is that 'we won’t get fooled again.' ” 6-04

  3. 07-01-04 San Francisco to Vote on War (CBS News)
      "San Francisco voters will have a chance to express their views on the U.S.-led war in Iraq in November with a ballot initiative calling on the federal government to end the conflict."

      The toughly worded statement, which will appear on the California city's November ballot, says the war has cost more than 850 American lives and bled the nation of billions of dollars." 7-04


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