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Fat Bigotry

  1. Obesity - Fat Acceptance (NAAFA)
      The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance provides news, monitors legal actions regarding discrimination, and provides suggestions to improve acceptance of obesity. 6-01

  2. Plus-Size Parties (ABC News)
      "Thirty percent of adults in America that's about 59 million people are now considered obese. As the nation's waistline grows, so do the number of plus-size parties, where large men and women confidently show off their curves." 6-05

  3. Politics of Obesity (
      "In the war on fat, fat isn't just winning, it's crushing the opposition. A new study reports that in the course of a lifetime, 9 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women are going to become overweight. The CDC says that a third of the country is currently obese. This puts a large portion of the nation's population in an unenviable predicament, since antipathy toward the fat, it's frequently remarked, is the last sanctioned form of bigotry." 11-05


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