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Public Libraries

  1. -Public Libraries Online - USA (Berkeley) star
      Provides libraries by region and state. 2-05

  2. -State Libraries - USA (Library of Congress) star
      Provides libraries by name. 2-01

  3. Ann Arbor District Library
  4. Austin Public Library
  5. Baltimore County Public Library
  6. Boston Public Library
  7. Chicago Public Library
  8. Cleveland Public Library
  9. Columbus Ohio - Columbus Metropolitan Library 5-00
  10. Hawaii State Public Library System
  11. Librarians' Directory (Librarians' Internet Index)
      Provides a directory. 09-09

  12. Los Angeles Public Library
  13. Ohio Public Library Information Network 2-00
  14. Portland - Multnomah County Public Library
  15. Public Library Association Conference
  16. Salt Lake City Public Library
  17. San Francisco Public Library
  18. Santa Fe Public Library - Education and Kid's Stuff
  19. Santa Fe Public Library
      Provides the home page of the library.

  20. Seattle - King County Library System
  21. Seattle Public Library
  22. St. Louis Public Library
  23. Vancouver - North Vancouver Public Library (Canada)
  24. Victoria - Greater Victoria Public Library (Canada)

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