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Wage Considerations

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  1. Salaries
  1. Job Search and Career Assistance (Career Builder)
      Searches by metropolitan area, job category, salary, and keyword. Select the "target" to conduct a search. Not sure about the size of the database.

  2. Relocation - Salary Calculator (
      Provides relative income necessary when moving to another city or country.

  3. Using What You Know About Co-Workers' Pay (U.S. News)
      "Websites like,, and have begun to tear away at the secrecy of salary data, and a new entry into the market aims to pull the cover back a bit more., which launched in beta earlier this month, offers user-submitted salary information specific to positions and employers. The information is free, but available only when users submit their personal salary data or written reviews of their employer. Glassdoor reviews every submission, and its executives say that employers can also contest fictitious data."

  1. Cost of Living in Major Cities (
      Provides average cost of living in major cities within the United States.

  1. Men Make More Than Women (CNN News)
      "Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, said the disparity is in part due to women who interrupt their careers to have kids at a time while men continue to climb the salary ladder. When these mothers return to work, they often can't make up the loss in earnings, she said."

      "Discrimination also may be a factor, specifically against mothers, Strober added. 'If you are a primary caretaker of children, it's very difficult to live up to the kind of work requirements that exist for professional work,' she said."

      "Hartmann said stronger enforcement of equal opportunity laws and increasing access to education and training in high-paying fields in which women are underrepresented are keys to income equity." 6-04


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