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  1. -04-20-07 A Breach in Nuclear Security (Time Magazine)
      "New Mexico police got more than they bargained for last fall when they responded to a call about a domestic dispute in a trailer park near Los Alamos National Laboratory. Not only had they stumbled on paraphernalia for making the drug crystal meth; they also found thousands of pages of highly classified documents detailing the designs of U.S. nuclear weapons." 04-07

  2. -09-16-07 U.S. Report on Iran Branded "Misleading" by Regulatory Agency (BBC News)
      "The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme, calling it 'erroneous' and 'misleading'." 09-07

  3. Russia Develops "Dad of All Bombs" (CBS News)
      "Russian state television says the military has successfully tested what it describes as the world's most powerful non-nuclear, air-delivered bomb." 09-07


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