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  1. Navajo - Dene Fonts (Stauffer)
      Provides fonts for typing and editing on the computer. 7-00

  2. Navajo Code Talker's Dictionary (
      Provides the words and codes for those words used to encrypt messages successfully during World War II. The code was declassified (made public) by the U.S. Department of Defense. The men who carried the code are the focus of the movie WindTalkers (or Wind Talkers). 6-02

  3. Navajo Language (
      Provides assistance in learning Navajo. Visitors sometimes misspell as Navaho. 05-06

  4. Navajo Language Links (Sanjuan)
      Provides resources for the Navajo. 9-05

  5. Navajo Language Resources (
      Provides language resources. Visitors sometimes misspell as Navajo. 6-02

  6. Peril Among the Navajos (LA Times)
      "The government has never conducted a comprehensive study of the health effects of uranium mining on the reservation. But individual scientists working on their own have documented sharply elevated cancer rates near old mines and mills. High concentrations of uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals have been found in one out of five drinking-water sources sampled." 11-06


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