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  1. Hopi Basketry (Hopi Cultural Preservation Office)
      Provides history, techniques, and uses of basketry. 12-04

  2. Hopi Culture and Issues (Hopi Cultural Preservation Office)
      Provides information on the culture and issues of the Hopi. 12-04

  3. Hopi History (
      Provides a short history. 12-04

  4. Hopi History and Traditions ( - Voth)
      Provides traditions as reported to a non-Native. 12-04

  5. Hopi Tribe (The Hopi Tribe)
      "The Hopi emerged from the Third World into this current Fourth World. This life is therefore referred to as the Fourth Way of Life for the Hopi. Hopi knew that life in this fourth world would be difficult and that we must learn a way of life from the corn plant."

      "Cultivating corn has therefore been a profound experience for us and has shaped our lifeway, which is based on humility, cooperation, respect and earth stewardship." 12-04

  6. Hopi of the Southwest U.S. (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
      Examines the beliefs and life styles of four American Indian tribes of the United States, including the Hopi. "Though all of these peoples have chosen different pathways and strategies for making a life in their various environments, one similar concept is voiced by all--that a reciprocal connection exists between people and the rest of the world." 12-04


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