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Slavery and Emancipation

  1. Emancipation - 1861-1867 (Miller)
      Includes original essays and a timeline for emancipation. 10-09

  1. Emancipation Proclamation (National Archives)
      Provides a copy of the document. 8-05

  2. Slavery - Living Conditions (
      "To a degree, the material conditions of slave life were predetermined by the status of the slave. During the early colonial period, slaves and indentured servants enjoyed greater freedoms than black slaves would in later periods. But even then, they belonged to the lowest, poorest ranks of society." 8-05

  3. Slavery - Living Conditions From a Slave's View (
      Describes everyday life for slaves in South Carolina. Written by former slaves. 8-05

  4. Slavery - Living Conditions in South Carolina (
      Describes everyday life for slaves in South Carolina. 8-05


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