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Civil War Letters

  1. Letters of the Civil War (
      Provides letters from soldiers to their families. 7-00

  2. Letters, Diaries, and Memories of the Civil War ( - Groves)
      Provides copies of letters, diaries, memoires, recollections, and biographies related to Terry's Texas Rangers during the Civil War of the United States of America. 8-02

  3. Private Thoughts of General Robert E. Lee (US News)
      "For her newly published biography, Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters, historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor draws on a cache of previously unknown Lee family papers, discovered in 2002 in two sturdy wooden trunks that Lee's daughter stored in a Virginia bank about a century ago. Quoting from these and other overlooked letters, Pryor presents a multifaceted man, more accessible and at the same time more puzzling than ever. He was an irrepressible flirt, and, contrary to popular belief, Lee not only believed in slavery; he was capable of treating his own slaves cruelly." 06-17


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