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  1. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  2. Words That Rhyme Search (
      Supply a word and the search engine will try to find words that rhyme with it. 2-00

  3. Search Engines - Meta Tag Builder (VWP)
      Provides a form for developing metatags for Web Pages.

  4. Advanced Search Tips (Smith)
      Provides assistance with advanced searches using seven different Web libraries or "search engines."

  5. Search Engines (Webber)
      Provides numerous articles on selecting and using different search engine to find what you want using more advanced features and more refined searches.

  6. By Search Engine 2 (Math Forum)
      Provides a comprehensive search.

  7. Yahoo Directory and Search Engine in Spanish (Espanol) educacion

  8. -Philosophy Search Engine (
      Provides philosophers or information by topic. 06-09

  9. Healthy Diet and Nutrition Search (Mayo Foundation)
      Provides a search engine for Mayo Clinic articles.

  10. Biographies Search (Internet Oracle)
      Provides two dozen search engines for biographies.

  11. Chemistry Search Engine (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)
      Provides a search engine for instructional text on basic chemistry, high school level.

  12. By Search Engine 1 (Math Forum)
      Search for math materials by grade level, topic, and type of material.

  13. Search Engine For Your Site - Free (
      Indexes your site so that you can have a search engine for your site without additional software. also has other services to enhance your Website. 2-02

  14. Virus Search (Symantec)
      Provides information on all known computer viruses and virus hoaxes, using a search engine or a directory. One of the most comprehensive listings available anywhere.

  15. Bible Search (
      Provides Bible study tools, such as a search engine to find words or passages in the Bible. Also includes commentaries, lexicons, a sermon helper, dictionaries, and more. 12-99

  16. By Search Engine or Browsing (Math Central)
      Provides math resources by keyword search or browsing. 10-08

  17. Countries - Search Engines by Country (Search Engine Colossus)
      Provides search engines from within many countries in both the language of the country and English. 3-00

  18. Biographies Search (EuropeanServers Ltd)
      Provides over 5,000 biographies in English and over 10,000 total. Provides a search engine but no directory or alphabetical listing. 4-00

  19. Environmental Protection Search (EELink)
      Provides a search engine.

  20. Japanese Search Engine (MSN)
      Provides Web searches in Japanese. 6-00

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