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  1. Search Engines
  1. Japanese Search Engine (MSN)
      Provides Web searches in Japanese. 6-00

  2. Legal - US Supreme Court Decisions (FindLaw)
      Provides a searchable database of Supreme Court decisions going back to 1937.

  3. Legal Search Engine - LawCrawler (Courtesy of FindLaw)
      Searches for legal information. 08-07

  4. Lesson Plans - Searchable by Keywords (Awesome Library)
      Searchable by keywords. Be sure to include the word "lesson." For example, a search for a lesson on earthquakes would be "earthquakes lesson." To receive only lessons that are Star Rated in a subject, add the word "star3.gif." For example, social studies lessons with a Star Rating would be "social studies star3.gif."

  5. Lesson Plans - Searchable by Subject and Grade (Houghton-Mifflin)
      Searchable by subject and grade at the same time and effectively.

  6. Lessons Search (GEM)
  7. Libraries and Encyclopedias Search (Internet Oracle)
      Provides over two dozen search engines from libraries and encyclopedias. 04-07

  8. Library Search Engines (Internet Oracle)
      Provides a dozen of the top online library search engines.


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