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  1. Search Engines
  1. Education Search Engine (Education Planet)
      Provides 300,000 resources. 5-00  

  2. Education Search Engine and Directory (KinderStart)
      Provides thousands of resources for persons teaching children eight years old and younger. 8-01

  3. English - Cliche Finder (Friedman)
      Provides 3,300 cliches. 2-02

  4. English - Dictionaries - Multiple Search
  5. English - Words That Rhyme Search (
      Supply a word and the search engine will try to find words that rhyme with it. 2-00

  6. Entertainment Search (CNet)
      Provides keyword searches within the topic. 1-01

      Provides a search engine and a directory for regional or world wide coverage of searches in a variety of languages. 3-00

  8. Federal Government Search (Google)
      Searches Web sites and databases of the U.S. government. 6-99

  9. Financial - FastWeb Scholarship Searches
      Searches for scholarships from a database of over 400,00 scholarships, according to the site.

  10. Financial - Scholarship Search (Free)
  11. French Search Engine (MSN)
      Provides Web searches in French. 6-00


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